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Gold Partner - Camozzi


Camozzi are an Italian company that started in 1964 producing industrial automation components, specialising in pneumatic systems. Their products are used in a broad variety of industries, from Automotive to Electronic systems, and Packaging to Textile Machinery.

Camozzi Products:


Camozzi Movement

Camozzi's Pnuematic cylinders are manufactured to meet a number of exacting European Standard Specifications, resulting in versatile and reliable cylinders capable of precision actuation. Combined with the use of proximity sensors mounted onto the cylinders, you can be assured of achieving reliable consistent actuation.



Camozzi Valve

Camozzi produce a range of Mechanical, Pneumatic and Electro-pneumatic valves suitable for a wide range of industries and applications, and a variety of fluids.

Mechanically Operated Valves
Manually Operated Valves
Solenoid Valves
Valve Islands


Camozzi Regulator

Camozzi produce a range of components essential for the treatment and regulation of pneumatic systems. With a range of different filters, air lubricators, regulators and isolators, Camozzi has your needs covered.


Camozzi Fittings

With an expanding range of Pneumatic connectors, Camozzi offer Nickel plated brass and technopolymer products in a range a diameters and configurations.