About Us

Factory Controls is a leading industrial automation solution supplier providing automation, process and control solutions to a wide variety of industries throughout South West Victoria.

Established in 1987, Factory Controls is a 100% local family-owned company committed to ensuring its products, services and after sales support exceed customer expectations. Known for its technical expertise and automation know-how, Factory Controls proudly provides solution advice and consulting services to its customers, helping them achieve their automation and process goals in the most efficient and productive way possible.

With over 30 years of experience in the automation industry, Factory Controls takes pride in its staff’s problem solving abilities. Our staff is dedicated to providing the right solutions to our customers, thus helping them make wise decisions. Our competitive product pricing and quick delivery time make us different from the others in the industry.

Our partners and products are carefully selected to provide the best solutions to our customers’ applications. Right from offering product selection help, pre-configuration services, commissioning assistance, product training, technical support and after sales support, Factory Controls is always available for help.

To discuss your process and automation requirements, please contact us on 03 5278 8222.