Established in 1933, Omron is a global leader in automation technology with solutions ranging from industrial automation and electronic components to social infrastructure systems and health care. Omron has over 36,000 employees in 117 countries – an extensive network of engineering expertise and customer support.

Factory Controls are a proud distribution partner for Omron with a relationship spanning in excess of 30 years, our PLC control and automation expertise speak volumes and we are proud to say any Omron product old or new we know back to front.

At Omron their mission is to improve lives and contribute to a better society. They value innovation driven by social needs and are pioneers in creating inspired solutions for the future. Challenging themselves to pursue new challenges with passion and courage is the cornerstone of what they do.

Founded by Kazuma Tateishi as “Tateishi Electric Company” the history of Omron Electronics is diverse from the first proximity sensors, to the ever-reliable power supplies and pioneers of face recognition with their state of the art vision components and technologies that are found all around the globe, we as a partner of Omron are proud to say these technologies have made the world what it is today.

With a diverse product portfolio from high end sensors, PLC, Safety and Vision to basic components like relays, counters and power supplies Omron and Factory Controls have all your automation bases covered.