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Automation Timers

Every automation system needs precision time settings to produce accurate results. For that matter, Omron timers are the primary choice for industries around the globe.

Are you searching for timers with high-precision time settings for the automation in your plant operations?

We welcome you to Factory Controls.

Factory Controls supply various automation systems and controllers, including Omron automation timers, in south-west Victoria. With more than three decades of providing automation system installation and maintenance for various industries, we know the systems that can make your environment optimally controlled based on your requirements.

Omron Digital Timer - Customised To Your Needs

At Factory Controls, we have a range of timers based on the specific needs of your environment. With us, you can choose the following types of automation timers:

  • Analogue timers
  • Digital timers
  • Slimline timers
  • Digital setting timers

The Omron digital timers come with multiple modes to help you to pre-set timings based on your plant requirements. The timers come with a wide AC/DC power supply range to be compatible with various systems at your industrial facility.

Better Control On Your Plant Operations

The automation timers empower you to have better control over your plant operations. These are designed, manufactured, and tested to provide high precision results and meet the most demanding standards of various industries.

Are you searching for multi-function timers to make your plant operations secure and safe? We source and supply the Omron timers that can increase your flexibility and energy efficiency while reducing the maintenance costs.

Talk To Our Automation Professionals Today

Talk to our automation specialists today on (03) 5278 8222 or contact us using our query form to let us know your requirements. Our specialists have years of experience in setting up automation systems for various industries.

They will give you guidance and assistance with a friendly, professional service experience.