Omron Relays

Better Control Of Your Automation Systems

Are you searching for switches to ensure the proper controlling of your electronic components or automation systems at your business? Do you want intuitive relays that can help you to control the electric flow across the systems?

Factory Controls have an excellent range of Omron relays for Australian industries that can enhance the operational efficiency of your systems and optimise equipment availability.

Unique To Your Requirements

We have an excellent range of Omron relays that helps you to choose the right one according to your requirements. With the following types of Omron relays, we help industries have total control on their equipment and tools with:

  • General purpose relays
  • Solid state relays
  • Current monitoring relays
  • Voltage monitoring relays

These relays are compatible with both AC and DC power supply and generally feature the coil-disconnection mechanism. This ensures the smooth flow of electricity to the output or your systems and provides you with hassle-free regulation of your systems.

Smooth Operations, Hassle-Free Operations

You can operate the relays without any hassles using the smart control options. The users can also monitor the relay status using LED indicators in the equipment. You also have the option to change the power supply settings based on your requirements.

Are you searching for smart relays to switch between water discharge and supply in your swimming pool or water tank? The Omron K8AK voltage monitoring relays can monitor both overcurrent and undercurrent and ensure proper water flow.

End-To-End Automation Services

Factory Controls have nearly three decades worth of expertise in designing, installing, and commissioning of various automation systems and components. We also provide repairs and regular maintenance to ensure that businesses experience uninterrupted operation.

Are you confused and need assistance to choose the right relays according to your systems and equipment? Talk to our automation specialists. With years of expertise in installing and maintaining automation systems for various industries and professional services, they will guide you to choose the best relay for your environment.

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