Rittal Products And Advanced Climate Control Solutions

Are you searching for Rittal products to solve your climate control and power distribution challenges south-west Victoria? Do you want excellent quality Rittal enclosures to secure your electronic devices and tools safely?

Factory Controls are Rittal distributors in Australia with more than three decades of reliable services and expertise under our belt. We offer solutions that can transform your business operations and help you to provide next level service to your customers.

A Comprehensive Range Of Solutions

We source and supply all the major product solutions of Rittal and help our customers to enjoy the superior technology solutions of Rittal. Our range of products include the following:

  • Enclosures
  • Power distribution systems and back-up solutions
  • Climate control solutions
  • Configurators
  • Software and services
  • IT infrastructure
  • System accessories
  • Automation systems

Smart Solutions To Your Needs

Note that the Rittal offers smart, efficient solutions to help you not only control your industrial operations but to make it more profitable. The climate control solutions are energy efficient and eco-friendly, and it helps you to make your industrial operations more aligned to your sustainability goals.

The IT infrastructure solutions include the planning and building of data centres based on the requirements of industrial customers. Note that the data centres of Rittal are known for four characteristics: security, energy efficiency, availability, and infrastructure optimisation. The firm also gives engineering consulting services for data centres that include cost, energy, processes, disaster recovery management, and security.

End-To-End Service Experience

At Factory Controls, we offer comprehensive supply and services for all products, including Rittal products. Our extensive collaboration with Rittal helps us to offer an excellent service experience to our customers.

Note that we have a team of expert technicians to provide solutions for your industrial challenges and give you guidance to choose the appropriate systems. They have expertise in working with various automation systems and products and will offer you a friendly, professional, and personalised service experience.

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