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Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact Products For Future-Oriented Systems

Forward-thinking, intuitive, smart systems and solutions are the requirement of every industrial facility.

Are you searching for advanced systems, solutions, phoenix contact terminals or components of Phoenix Contact to make your industrial operations efficient, scalable, and safe?

Factory Controls is one of the few Phoenix Contact suppliers in Australia that supplies its full range of products. You have the option to choose Phoenix Contract products for electronics, electrical engineering, and automation.

With 30 years of expertise in electrical and automation solutions, Factory Controls knows what can work best for your industrial requirements.

Excellent Range Of Products For Wide Range Of Applications

We source, supply, install, and maintain all the major industrial products of Phoenix Contact as its Australian distributor. The range of products include the following:

  • Connectors
  • HMIs and industrial PCs
  • Terminal blocks
  • PCB connectors and PCB terminal blocks
  • Relay modules
  • PLCs and I/O systems
  • Protective devices
  • Power supplies and UPS
  • Electronic switching devices and motor control
  • Functional safety solutions

This product range is ideal for controlling and monitoring your industrial equipment and tools. The measurement of various parameters related to your industrial operations can help you to ensure efficient operations. With these monitoring solutions, you can identify errors before they become problems.

The power supply and UPS solutions ensure uninterrupted operations for your business and help you to provide superior service experience to your customers.

Solutions That Make Your Industrial Systems Empowered

All Phoenix Contact products are designed to empower customers with better control, monitoring, and much more. The Phoenix Contact M12 cables for power applications are ideal for transferring high currents in a small amount of space.

Phoenix Contact terminal blocks come with different connection technologies and provide you with excellent flexibility. Similarly, the relay modules are ideal for various requirements, including switching, monitoring, isolating, multiplying, and amplifying. The relay modules come with a compact, slim design and are highly versatile.

Our Service Standards Make The Difference

With over three decades of automation expertise, we offer comprehensive solutions to our customers. We design, install, commission, repair, and provide regular maintenance for our automation products and solutions.

We also have a team of automation and electrical specialists to help our customers to choose the right product, help in the installation, and provide regular maintenance services. You can talk to them and get their guidance to choose the best product for your industrial facility.

We take pride in offering a friendly, professional service experience to our customers.

Talk To Our Team Today

Contact us today on (03) 5278 8222 and talk to our automation specialists for getting more insights on how Phoenix Contact products can improve the way your industrial facility operates.