Danfoss Drives For Better Control On Your Industrial Operations

Are you searching for qualified Danfoss drives distributors in Victoria to give to your business operations a competitive edge and improve the efficiency of your industrial operations?

As a business with a clear focus on advancing the plant operations of our industrial customers in south-west Victoria, Factory Controls collaborate with Danfoss and provide solutions that are efficient, safe, and sharp.

Range Of Danfoss Drive Solutions

At Factory Controls, we offer all the major Danfoss products, including the following:

  • Industrial AC drives
  • HVAC specific VSDs
  • Water industry-specific VSDs
  • Harsh environment AC drives
  • Compact AC drives
  • Soft starters

Note that we offer both VACON® as well as VLT® brand products to help customers who want specific systems. We have drive solutions for compressors, conveyors, drilling, fans, pumps, winches, propulsion, thrusters, and much more.

Comprehensive Solutions

We also offer technical sales support, service and repairs, application support, and more to give a hassle-free purchase experience for our customers. Having collaborated with Danfoss for over 30 years, we have the technical expertise to provide customised solutions based on your specific requirements.

As Danfoss distributors, we are committed to offering all types of Danfoss products, including VACON drives, VLT drives, soft starters, and more, at highly affordable prices. With comprehensive Danfoss drives tech support, you will experience a seamless experience with these systems.

Do you have questions regarding Danfoss products or confused about choosing the right solution based on your requirements? At Factory Controls, we have the expertise and knowledge about what can best work for your systems. Talk to our automation solution consultants, and they will guide you to get the solutions you want.

What Makes Danfoss Solutions Superior?

Nearly nine decades of high-quality, energy-efficient solutions and service excellence of products make Danfoss the ideal choice for many industries. The engineering expertise and innovation capabilities achieved by Danfoss over the years helped it to drive the world with its products.

The solutions are known for safety, reliability, efficiency, and precision, and they earn the trust of the end users every day. Additionally, Danfoss carries decades of industry-specific experience, and this means you get solutions that can manage specialised challenges in your industry. The firm takes immense pride in designing solutions that can define a better tomorrow.

By choosing the products of Danfoss, you are also contributing to a sustainable world as their solutions make your systems energy efficient and smart.

Talk To Our Friendly Consultants Today

Contact us today on (03) 5278 8222 and let us know your requirements. At Factory Controls, we are committed to making a difference with our range of product solutions and service standards. We will help you to make your systems advanced and up to date.