HSC Series Safety Edges

Our catalogue HSC Safety Edges describes the protection against risks at shearing and crushing edges by safety sensitive edges. The components shown in the safety edge catalogue have heights up to 150 mm. Further, they are generally equipped with one Haake contact chain only. In certain applications, the power-operated devices have, due to their inertia, long stopping times and thus also large stopping travels. Examples are big and heavy doors (hangar doors), automatically-guided vehicles (AGV), theatre stages etc. In these cases, the up to 150 mm high safety edges mentioned above will not be sufficient. Here so-called bumpers are used. Their dimensions as well as the positions and number of the contact chains are specially selected and manufactured for the intended application. Bumpers are protection devices for large over-travels. They are equipped with a rubber-foam cushion with suitable surface finish and reinforced if necessary. Colours may also be applied.
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HSC Series Safety Edges