Continuous Silo Level Measurement

Farmers and food producers across Western Victoria and all around Australia seem to struggle to find a suitable product for monitoring your levels in silos that is critical to their product. With remote sites you require reliable products and cannot be let down by mechanical devices that simply aren’t up to the task of dealing with many factors making silo monitoring extremely challenging. Many products have been tried for this application and may work for a short time period with limited success and others perform poorly have proved to be unreliable. So for what seems like an age, a solution has been needed for high silos and at last with Vega you have one!

Now we’re talking!

The VEGAPULS 69 has proven to be a winner for silo measurement in recent applications we have worked on for a grain farmer ………. It’s a sensor specifically designed for the continuous measurement of bulk solids and absolutely ideal for level measurement in very high silos, a perfect fit for Grain, Sugar, Flour Silos and Indeed any Bulk Solids. It has a massive 120m range, so how big is your silo? With a process temperature range of -40…200 °C every silo is catered for, our harsh weather conditions are challenging, but the Vegapuls69 will meet the match of any weather condition be it a freezing winters night to a scorching 40 °C summers day.

Even whilst you are filling your silos measurement is maintained, thereby ensuring continuous monitoring of the filling process via a control system.

Another result using this sensor is High plant availability; the sensor is wear free due to the non-contact measurement operating principle and reliable measurement is ensured independent of vapour, dust and noise, this truly is the real deal.

Technical Nitty-Gritty stuff

The options for Communications available are extensive with, 4-20mA/Hart 2 & 4 Wire, Profibus PA, Modbus and Level Master, Foundation Fieldbus and Hart and power pack. Thanks to the very good signal focussing a simple setup and reliable measurement is ensured. The VEGAPULS 69 can be equipped with an encapsulated plastic antenna or a lens antenna integrated in the metal flange. A remote display is an option if you need in your control process for clear process values.

Precise focusing of the measurement signal, which means convenient installation almost anywhere on the silo roof is possible, installation can be tailored for your site.

The Icing on the cake!

Often for Silo operations another issue is monitoring pressure in the conveyor pipeline, VEGA have the right product for this application too, with the wear-resistant VEGABAR 82 with CERTEC® Ceramic measuring cell transmitter which is insensitive to abrasion, and additionally maintenance-free through front-flush mounting. This robust measuring cell makes for an extremely long service life, adding additional reliability to your process. You Maximum and Minimum Point Level is covered as well with the VEGAVIB 61 & 63 sensors, so VEGA really do have the complete solution for Silo measurement.

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VEGA Silo Sensors

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