Critical Food Control

A Geelong based manufacturer of smallgoods with over 100 employees, supply product to Large Multinational food processors and food service distributors. Over 6500 tonnes of meat and vegetable material are produced annually, with primary business operations around pork, red meat, chicken and other specialised items.

Ensuring quality of product through every stage of their production is critical, extra control was required to a specific part of their food manufacture process, where crumbing is applied to chicken portions, this was proving to be unmanageable with manual resources -automation was required, but not without some technical challenges to overcome.

Taking care of Business

A conventional VSD install would have proven time consuming and costlier than the custom solution we supplied, which was far more cost effective with a smaller payback period, a financial win.

Limited space in existing control cabinets meant options were limited, the addition of new enclosures would have taken a large amount of labour, would have costed $1000’s more and potentially interrupted production.

Custom Solution

Working closely with the Electrical Maintenance department, Factory Controls, considered the best options available and selected a distributed drive, to be located at the process. The AC VSD was the IP66k rated Vacon 20 Decentralised Drive, with a robust enclosure, perfect for this hygienic application. This entire section of our customer’s process is plug and play for wash-down after each run is complete, the Drive however remains in position, this is possible due to the IP66k rating of this purpose built drive. The VACON 20 X is quick and easy to install, and the built-in PLC functionality makes custom-made software solutions possible.

Localised speed control and Isolation is integrated in the drives IP66 enclosure, making the whole process easy to control locally by operators as the process requires.

Why Choose Factory Controls?

When our customers need a solution they rely on our technical knowledge and support, that is what makes Factory Controls able to add value to your business, and enables us to provide our customers with “best fit” solutions, every time.

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