Improving fan control with Variable Speed Drives

An upgrade of supply and exhaust fan systems has delivered significant savings at one of Australia most prominent milk and dairy producers.
The Challenge

The Dairy Processing Plant produces a wide range of dairy products – including milk powder, milk fat, butter, butter milk powder and milk protein concentrate for leading dairy brands. The site receives milk daily from over 500 dairy farms, and the pressure is on to ensure that it is processed in an efficient and expeditious manner.

The supply and exhaust fan systems provide air to the dyers used in the production of milk powder. They are a critical element of the production at the plant, if the fans stop the whole powder production stops. Previously, the control of air flow in the ventilation system was achieved by adjusting a damper in the ventilation duct. This process was proving inefficient, and the Plant operators sought a more cost-effective and reliable system.

The Solution

To address the Processing Plant’s requirements, Factory Controls recommended the implementation of three Vacon NXS Variable Speed Drives (two 315kW Supply Air Fans and one 200kW Exhaust Fan). This would significantly upgrade the supply and exhaust fan systems at the site, and improve the overall operation of the site. In addition to supplying the products themselves, Factory Controls also provided project commissioning and training, as well as ongoing technical support and spare parts.

The Results

The Vacon AC Drives deliver precise fan speed control, negating the need for a damper in the ventilation duct and improving the automation and performance of the system. Most importantly, this equates to energy savings. Other benefits include improved air flow control and less maintenance thanks to the soft motor starts.

For more information about Vacon Drives please visit our website or contact Factory Controls on 03 5278 8222.