Pump Run - Dry Protection

An expensive breakdown and even costlier pump replacement is not what you need at your site, or facility, and if your all about maintaining profits at your plant then read on.

When a pump fails it is a costly unwanted interruption to what you do, besides the downtime, labour costs and potential $1000’s for a repair or replacement, it can affect supply of your product or service.

Pump Run- Dry Protection for your valuable pumps, whether they’re submersible, booster, everyday production facility water, or critical pumps for dosing water process’s need protecting. It’s essential for your plant to run efficiently, protecting bearings and shaft seals from overheating is necessary to do this.

A no flow situation can cause expensive damage, so how can you prevent this simply and effectively? By installing a relatively low cost item to your process, as an insurance policy a Pump Run Dry Flow switch can save you $1000’s and will cost less than $1000 installed in most cases.

What’s the solution?

The required product needs to be reliable and a tried and tested robust flow device, one that can provide an alarm and output to shut down a pump with a response in a short period of time, avoiding damage to seals, bearings, motors and potentially batches of food or even safety issues.

What type of flow switch suits Pump Run Dry Protection? Well, the flow switches available from Kelco and ifm cater for AC/DC installations with single and dual alarm options and programmable NO/NC contacts, with variants suitable for your pipe size and your pump to be protected.

If pumps are an important part of your process, then make the small investment to protect them from dry running conditions and flow disturbances. You’ll will not only ensure that your pump lasts significantly longer, you will also improve the efficiency of your process, reduce unnecessary maintenance costs and prevent shut-downs or accidents.

Is there one Pump that you have that is critical – every site or facility does -- that if it failed would be an expensive issue, will you wait to see how much it costs you or act now?