Vega - Food & Bev Article

VEGA Sensors the ‘Right Ingredients’ for the Food Industry

The processes within the food & beverage industry are subject to extremely high standards of hygiene and quality. Vega Sensors exceed these demanding requirements and offer a reliable and versatile solution in the production of commodities such as sugar and starch as well as the preparation of beverages, dairy and chocolate products.

Utilising state of the art sensing technology and popular process communications allow all Vega sensors to working seamlessly into your plants automation systems. Covering level sensing principles from radar, hydrostatic, guided microwave, capacitance and vibration, Vega offers you total control over your plants product output.

Stirring & Batch tank level using VEGAPULS

The radar measuring principle is particularly well suited for level detection of product in stirring and batching tanks. The contactless sensor measures level reliably without being influenced by density or component changes of a particular product. The front-flush antenna of a VEGAPULS allows for optimal CIP and SIP cleaning it is impervious to water jet pressure and resists extreme temperature fluctuations.

Overfill and Dry Run protection with VEGASWING

Vibrating level switches provide a reliable solution for overfill of tanks and dry run protection of pumps. An overfill switch mounted in the lid of a tank ensures that the filling process is switched off at the right time avoiding product wastage. Whereas a dry run switch is mounted directly into the feed pipeline ensuring the in-feed pump is reliably switched off and saves on maintenance and replacement costs. The stainless steel tuning forks on the VEGASWING switches provide protection against the harsh cleaning process, product abrasion and build up.

Monitoring feed pressure and tank level with VEGABAR

Hydrostatic pressure transmitters assist in maintaining constant flow rates from product In-feed pumps, as well as providing reliable level measurement within vessels. The ceramic measuring cell of a VEGABAR transmitter resists both abrasive product and pressure and vacuum shocks within pipes. Complete with stainless steel fittings and high quality seals VEGABAR transmitters resist the extreme temperatures and cleaning process common to food and beverage plants.