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FL SWITCH SFN Series EtherNet Switches

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The FL SWITCH SFN range of Factory line switches with standard functions in numerous versions can be used for quick and cost-effective Ethernet network expansion to the field level. Due to their narrow housing design, the components are suitable for universal remote use in control cabinets and junction boxes. The switches have five or eight ports, up to two of which are glass fiber ports provided in SC or ST format. The switches support the auto negotiation function at the twisted pair ports and offer transmission speeds of 10/100/1000 Mbps depending on the switch version.

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FL SWITCH SFN Series EtherNet Switches

- Increased network performance
- Easy network expansion
- Fiber optic options extend distance and electrical noise immunity
- Low cost, low complexity security (optional)
- Connect Layer 1 security elements at the RJ45 port to restrict access or tampering