F29 Programmable Flow Switch


F29 Programmable Flow Switch with 25mm BSP base, cut to size paddle, Multi Voltage Operation, 10 Programmable Timers Built In, Powerful 40Amp Solid State Drive, 30Amp Primary Pump Relay, Dedicated 16A Alarm Relay, Detachable Electrical Housing, 20 Bar 290 PSI Model Available, Suites Pipes 1" and Larger, Accepts Remote Input and is IP67 Rated.

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F29 Programmable Flow Switch

- Multi Voltage Operation. - 10 Programmable Timers Built In. - Powerful 40Amp Solid State Drive. - 30Amp Primary Pump Relay. - Dedicated 16A Alarm Relay. - Detachable Electrical Housing. - 20 Bar 290 PSI Model Available. - Suites Pipes 1" and Larger. - Accepts Remote Input.

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