FC501 Field Calibrator


The FC051 combines a self-contained process signal source together with a 2-wire transmitter simulator in one instrument. Built-in batteries (2 x 9V PP9) make this calibrator ideal for use in the field. The 3.5 digit, 10mm high LCD display (8) provides direct read-out of mV or mA in sink or source mode.

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FC501 Field Calibrator

- Sink or source simulation - Source output up to 50mA and 0-2000mV or 0-10VDC - Sink output up to 50mA - Option for BNC connector for pH/Redox probe simulation - Optional polarity reverse switch for source outputs - 3.2 digit display resolution - Shor circuit protection - Light weight - Robust design - Zero and span adjustments - Battery charger option available

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