H3DS Series Slimline Timers

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H3DS Series Slimline Timers

- A wide AC/DC power supply range (24 to 230 VAC/ 24 to 48 VDC) reduces the number of timer models kept in stock. - Smart Dial/Selector-locking Mechanism: Prevents the dials and selectors on the Timer's front panel from being inadvertently operated or being operated without authorization. The lock can only be unlocked and locked with an optional pen-type Lock Key. - Screw-Less Clamp type available. - Sticker provided for easy timer identification and management. - Terminal clamp left open when delivered (screw terminal type). - Finger protection terminal block to meet VDE0106/P100. - Enables easy sequence checks through instantaneous outputs for a zero-set value at any time range. - Incorporates environment-friendly, cadmium-free contacts.

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