K Series Level Regulator


The K series heavy duty level regulator is a compact three-wire float switch for highly accurate and repeatable single point level sensing and control applications. It is ideal for use in water, sea water and most acids and alkali solutions. It will provide a stable switching action with a very high degree of reliability. The teardrop shape of the float makes it ideal for effluent and sewerage usage, as the float cell has no shoulders or edges for solids to build on. These float switches can be reliably and safely used in potable water systems, as they do not contain hazardous materials such as mercury or lead.

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K Series Level Regulator

-Low differential switching. - All direction tilting action. - S.P.D.T 3 wire switching action - Polypropylene, CPE and Santoprene construction - Wide range of cable lengths available. - Stable repeatable switching action. - No Mercury or lead components. - Compact size, 75mm diameter.

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