MINI MCR Signal Conditioners

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Maximum signal quality with minimal space requirements - MINI Analog signal conditioners isolate, convert, filter, and amplify your analog signals - with a design width of just 6.2 mm. The configurable MINI Analog modules are easy to set with DIP switches - without the need for any software. Alternatively, Phoenix Contact can make the settings based on your individual ordering information. For enhanced functionality and monitoring, you can also configure the modules with the robust S-Port interface conveniently using a free-of-charge software interface.

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MINI MCR Signal Conditioners

- Save up to 65% space compared to other signal conditioners on the market, thanks to the 6.2 mm design width - High energy efficiency and long service life, thanks to low power consumption - Flexible power bridging and convenient group error indication by means of DIN rail connector and the fault monitoring system function - Convenient configuration and monitoring via DIP switches or software for extended function and monitoring - Reduction in analog inputs at controllers when using the multiplexer - Fast installation, thanks to system cabling solutions such as V8 system adapter and termination carrier - High operational reliability in the event of disturbances, thanks to 3-way electrical isolation

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