OTP Series Enclosed Isolators


Enclosed switches are designed and used as main switches for applications, which need to be isolated from the network. The range includes front operated and side operated switch disconnectors, switch fuses and changeover switches enclosed in plastic, steel sheet or stainless-steel sheet and aluminum enclosures. They are rated for utilization categories including disconnecting as well as making and breaking the load. In addition the switch fuses equipped with fuse links protects the application and the cables from overload currents and short circuits.

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OTP Series Enclosed Isolators

- Degree of protection: IP65, IEC 60529 - Degree of protection without cover: IP20, IEC 60529 - Self-extinguishing plastic: UL94 V0 - Resistance against UV-radiation: F 1, UL 746C - Standard IEC 60947-3 for Switch-disconnectors - European Standard EN60204 Safety of machinery - Cable outlets M or Pg sized threaded knock-outs - Also blank gland plates available - 3-, 4- and 6-pole versions - Black or red-yellow handle - Handle indication I-0/ON-OFF - Suitable for 4- and 5-wire systems

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