SI Series Flow Switch


The flow sensors of the SI5 series serve to monitor liquids and gases in pipes. Thanks to a broad selection of process adapters, the sensors can be used in nearly all industrial applications. They are frequently used in cooling circuits, e.g. in steelworks, the automotive industry and in glassmaking. Further application areas include water management and cleaning processes in the food and beverage industry. Their robust stainless-steel housing provides high reliability even in harsh operating conditions. The flow range and the switch points are adjusted using a pushbutton on the unit. A multicolour LED display indicates the nominal flow range and the switch point. Electronic locking of the settings prevents unintentional maladjustment. The possibility of restoring the factory settings provides additional safety.

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SI Series Flow Switch

- For liquids and gases - Switchpoint flow velocities up to 100 cm/s for water - Pipe sizes up to 10"AC and DC power for switching or analog output - Flow and temperature monitoring

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