SM Mag Flowmeter


The magnetic-inductive volumetric flow sensors of the SM series monitor liquids. They detect the three process categories volumetric flow quantity, consumed quantity and medium temperature. They are frequently used in cooling circuits, e.g. in steelworks, the automotive industry and in glassmaking. In water management and industrial installations, the sensors are used for water consumption measurement. Peak consumption, present consumption or accumulated consumption can be accessed and adjusted via programmed switch and alarm level settings - all at the touch of a button. The units feature two switching outputs which can be programmed as normally open or normally closed. For output of the measured value, one switching output can also be configured as a scalable analogue output. For consumed quantity monitoring, the other output transmits counting pulses to the controller. In addition to volumetric flow monitoring, the SM also monitors the temperature of the medium. It is displayed on the unit and provided for signal processing. The sensor is thus particularly suited for monitoring cooling circuits. The robust stainless-steel housing and high protection rating provide high security even in harsh environments. Depending on the volumetric flow quantity to be detected, devices with different process connections are offered.

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SM Mag Flowmeter

- For water and water-based media - Flow rates up to 160 gpm Pipe sizes up to 2"DC switching, pulse, frequency and analog outputs - Monitor flow rate, total volume and temperature in one sensor

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