USC701 Universal Signal Conditioner


The USC701 is a universal signal conditioner that combines measurement and control functions in a single instrument to provide user selectable solutions for most signal conditioning applications. The USC701 can be programmed directly using the Access Module or a personal computer.

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USC701 Universal Signal Conditioner

- Two analogue inputs that can be programmed to measure ac/dc current or voltage, resistance, potentiometer, strain gauge and temperature. - Two pulse (digital) inputs that can be programmed to measure frequency or phase and also be used as control inputs to perform hold, reset and enable. - One isolated proportional output that can be configured as an analogue output or a pulse output. - Two independent relay outputs. - Excitation output (voltage or current). - Digital (bus) outputs. - Calibration & set point variables. - Arithmetic function variables. - Four 101 point tables.

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